Board Matters

Board of Directors Meeting

March 26, 2019,

The next Harrington Homeplace HOA Board of Directors (BOD) meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at the Haggard Library at 2501 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075 in the first floor Program Room.

Board meetings are open for Harrington Homeplace homeowners to attend. If you would like to address the Board, please email your request along with any related material so that we can allow time on the agenda.

The following is an outline of the Agenda of topics to be discussed:

  • Open Session Call to Order
  • Approve minutes from December 5, 2018 and  February 4, 2019 BOD meetings
  • Committee Reports
    • Financial Report
    • Architectural Control Committee
    • Maintenance Report
    • Crime Watch/Next Door
    • Community Liaison
    • New Homeowner Welcome
    • Social Activities
  • New Business
  • Open Session Adjourn
  • Executive Session (Board Members only)
    • Review of issues related to individual homeowner accounts, legal matters, ACC violation details



The Board of Directors
Harrington Homeplace Homeowners Association